About One Off Cleaning

If you are looking for an intense and comprehensive spring clean, then you have arrived at the right place.  Here at T&M Cleaning we are happy to provide this specialised service and leave your home immaculate and fully revitalized. Initially we would need to evaluate your house and decide upon the number of professional cleaners required.  We would also need to discuss your individual bespoke wishes.  A one off clean is extremely thorough, and usually covers the entire house.  However, you can indicate specific areas you would like us to concentrate on.  Polishing silverware, clearing cupboards and vacuuming beneath beds are all within our remit!  As is cleaning all those nooks and crannies and removing cobwebs.  Our staff are friendly and professional, and we are happy to book appointments to suit your arrangements.

Call today to discuss our One Off Cleaning services on (01922) 300 434 or via the contact us form.